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Our Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Ultrasound provides comprehensive assessment, care and consultation to pregnant women and their physicians. Care is provided at the Center for Advanced Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital at the Washington University-BJH Campus, the Center for Women’s Wellness at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, as well as Progress West HealthCare Center, O'Fallon, Missouri. We seek to optimize the outcome for low or high risk pregnancies using an integrated care approach, cutting edge technology and coordination of care with referring physicians. Our services span pre-conceptional risk assessment and counseling, care during pregnancy and post-conceptional follow up. Care is supported by modern prenatal diagnosis technologies designed to enhance the assessment of fetal conditions and maximize reproductive options.

Our team of physicians includes more than twelve nationally and regionally recognized OBGYN specialists who have undergone additional subspecialty training in either Maternal Fetal Medicine or Medical Genetics. We work together with a dedicated team of sonographers, genetic counselors and advanced practice nurses to meet each patient’s needs. We also coordinate our care with a team of neonatologists and other pediatric sub-specialists from St. Louis Children’s Hospital, in order to establish the continuity of care before and after delivery. Our high-risk patients typically present with maternal diseases that increase the risk of pregnancy, such as maternal diabetes and other endocrine diseases, heart, lung, kidney or autoimmune disorders, or tendency toward blood clots. We also care for women with recurrent pregnancy losses and other reproductive disorders. Viewing the fetus as a patient, we care for women with preterm labor, abnormal fetal growth, Rh and other alloimmunizations. We are the largest referral center in the region for diverse fetal anomalies or babies at risk for genetic disorders, and use first and second trimester prenatal diagnosis technologies, all available on site. We have a special center for multi-fetal pregnancies, where comprehensive care is available to mothers carrying twins, triplets or higher order multifetal gestations.

While providing top quality medical care, we are actively engaged in education of community physicians, subspecialty fellows, OBGYN residents and Washington University medical students. Members of our faculty are also engaged in clinical and basic research, designed to improve medical diagnosis and therapy through advancement of knowledge and discovery.