The Ob/Gyn resident clinic also known as the Women's Health Clinic is located at 4911 Barnes Jewish Hospital Plaza.

Residents participate in outpatient clinics located in the newly remodeled Women’s Health Clinic and at Connect Care.

In these busy clinics, patients are seen for high-risk obstetric problems or in referral for complicated gynecologic care. Ambulatory Gyn Oncology patients are seen in the Tumor Clinic and Colposcopy Clinic.

The expanding role of the obstetrician/gynecologist in primary care has had a significant impact on our ambulatory clinics. In 1992, we established nurse practitioner clinics in the Women’s Health Center. These highly trained professionals provide well women gynecologic care and low-risk obstetric care for the majority of the Women’s Health Center population. They serve as valued educators for junior residents and medical students and as role models in their collaborative practice with the full time faculty.

Beginning in July 1995, we established Continuity Clinics on the WUMC campus for all residents in the second, third, and fourth years. Under supervision of the generalist faculty, residents function in practice groups similar to private practice and care for their own patients over the course of the last three years of their training. Emphasis will be placed on learning skills to providing health maintenance in primary medical care settings.