The Mysorekar Laboratory invites applications for postdoctoral position from highly enthusiastic critical thinkers with a desire to explore novel genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying repair and regeneration following infection and other pathologic injuries in the mammalian urinary tract. Our laboratory employs state of the art cell biological, microbiological, immunological, functional genomics and imaging approaches. We are particularly interested in three aspects 1) regulation of bladder epithelial stem cells, 2) immune response to urinary tract infections 3) trafficking of intracellular bacteria within bladder epithelial cells leading to recurrent and chronic infections. Our integrative, multi-disciplinary research programme offers exciting opportunities for individuals with a variety of interests and expertise. Successful candidates are expected to have a strong track record during doctoral studies. MD, MD PhD, or PhD. training in any areas of modern biomedical research is required. Background in mammalian cell culture, molecular biology, mouse models, and genomics is preferred.

An additional emerging area in the Mysorekar Lab is exploring the mechanisms underlying the high incidence of premature labor and preterm birth in pregnant women. We are interested in taking broad genomic and cellular approaches to investigate infectious etiologies for preterm birth. Interested candidates with bioinformatics experience, genomics and molecular biology experience are invited to apply. A background in reproductive biology is preferred, but all strong applications will be considered.


Please send curriculum vitae, statement of research interests and the names and contact information of three references to Dr. Indira Mysorekar ( indira@wustl.edu )

The Mysorekar Laboratory is located in the BJC Institute of Health Building on the Washington University School of Medicine campus.