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Elana Tal, MD, MS

Family Planning, 2nd Year Fellow

Mailing AddressDepartment of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Washington University School of Medicine
660 S. Euclid Ave.
Mailstop 8064-37-1005
St. Louis, MO 63110



Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Med school: Vanderbilt University
Residency: Pennsylvania Hospital
What are your career goals? I hope to provide abortion and complex contraception care as a clinician-educator, to inspire future advocates for reproductive health, and to advance our understanding of how to best care for patients experiencing pregnancy loss.
How are you listed in PubMed?: Elana Tal, Elana Feingold-Link, Lani Feingold-Link
Awards & Honors: The Edward E. Wallach Excellence in Teaching Award, The Ryan Program Resident Award for Excellence in Family Planning, Pennsylvania Hospital OBGYN Excellence in Teaching Award


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
What are your hobbies? re-reading Harry Potter, ceramics, snuggling my kittens
Family info: My parents are both physicians who met in medical school at WashU. My sister is a physician and my brother just started medical school. My husband is a private investigator (and has to put up with a lot of doctor talk at holidays).
What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I was born to a G1P0 at 39w5d via a forceps assisted vaginal delivery complicated by uterine inversion and postpartum hemorrhage. The patient had a complete recovery and went on to have 2 uncomplicated vaginal deliveries in the future.


Why did you choose your Family Planning fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine? I wanted really strong research support and infrastructure, which I have found in the WashU Family Planning Division.

What impact have you had on the Fellowship? I’ve gotten an opportunity to help set the tone for one of our new training sites at Hope Clinic in Illinois. I’ve also advocated for the fellows to take a more active role in patient care from the moment of the referral through the follow-up, which is a unique role for a clinician to play and very rewarding.

How has your opinion of the Fellowship changed since starting your training? It just continues to improve. I am amazed at the dedication, agility, expertise, and wisdom of our faculty members. Despite significant legal challenges they prioritize patient care while maximizing resident and fellow learning.

What are the greatest opportunities you have had to make a difference? I feel I make the most difference when I walk patients through the scary and sometimes devastating process of ending a desired pregnancy by helping them honor their child, make memories, and feel dignified in their choices.


What do you love about St Louis?
Barbecue and the parks. Tower Grove Park kept me sane during The Quarantine.

What is one thing people don’t know about St.Louis/Washington University?
I know people say it’s so collegial and everyone is really nice… but it’s SO COLLEGIAL and EVERYONE IS REALLY NICE!