Meet the Team

Meet Mel Mills

Mel Mills (she/her) is a Clinical Research Coordinator for the Division of Clinical Research. She has been in OBGYN, for 4 years, and in the DCR for over one year!

A co-worker once told me that change is an opportunity to learn and grow! This has always stuck with me when times are challenging to remember that this challenge is an opportunity to fail better, try again, and learn rather than expect things to always remain consistent or calm.

Mel Mills

Where did you grow up?

Many places! But mostly Brownsville, TX and Troy, MO

What do you do outside of work? family? hobbies? 

Outside of work, I am finishing my bachelor’s degree in the Brain and Psychological sciences program with Wash U. Staying in touch with nature is a priority so I am outdoors often either hiking, biking, camping, or kayaking! I have many hobbies but have turned my main focus into practicing Buddhism in my downtime.

What’s something that most people don’t know about you? 

Most people don’t know that I’m 35. When my age comes up, most people are shocked and in disbelief! Otherwise, I’m an open book so not a lot that isn’t shared.

Name some things you’d take to a deserted island.

My favorite book, Favorite person (granted they were OK with this new island life), probably some sunscreen for my freckles!

What is your favorite part about your job?

Definitely interacting with all of our patients, the staff of the clinic, Barnes, and the DCR! I’ve met so many incredible people and come to work every day excited to learn something new from a new person!