Shout Outs!

OBGYN Department Shout Outs!

I would like to give a huge shout out to Tamara Turner! She is amazing and knows GYN/ONC through and through.  She is a wonderful mentor and a huge asset to GYN/ONC.

Annette Jarrett-Benford (clinic manager, COH3 OBGYN clinic) consistently goes above and beyond her job description to ensure that our patients get the best possible care. We couldn’t do it without her, and as providers we are so lucky to have her!

Stephanie Pizzella, Division of Clinical Research, is truly the best supervisor I have ever had. Stephanie is empathetic, passionate, caring, and driven. She goes above and beyond not only for her patients, but her staff as well. The DCR would not be the same without Stephanie! 

Brittany Bullens, General OBGYN Scheduling, comes to work with a positive upbeat attitude and always willing to go the extra mile for anyone she interacts with whether its patients or co workers. 

Shout out to Dr. Halley Staples (OB/GYN resident), who always goes above and beyond for her patients in Continuity Clinic. She takes true ownership of her patients and her heart shines in her care. She also is always willing to take the rotating medical student under her wing and teach them during her busy clinic sessions.

Shout out to Trish Werner! Trish always thinks of ways to make the students’ experience in OBGYN exceptional. She often goes above and beyond to place the students with good educators. She has worked tirelessly learning and setting up a new education platform for Phase II students. She strives for and achieves perfection in everything she does. Thank you for being a great student advocate and colleague!!

Shout out to Angela Clark, PSR III, Ultrasound front desk for her dedication and commitment to patient satisfaction, training new team members and always willing to help with extra needs!!

Jessica Bergmann, OB/GYN Ultrasound Manager, is a huge asset to Ultrasound.  She knows what is best for our department and is not afraid to advocate for it.  She is always approachable! Jessica always comes to work in a good mood which encourages us to have a positive attitude.  She does an amazing job and making sure ALL staff are safe and educated on all policies and procedures. 

Brittany Bullens, General OBGYN Scheduling. She was extremely helpful, patient, and excited to let me know about how unique it is to have Dr. Makeba Williams on board. She showed enthusiasm, professionalism and a really great personality that I have not encountered on the phone before at Wash U! This reflects nicely on Wash U and reinforced to me that I made the right decision making that appointment!!  Please let her know how one really nice phone interaction can make a positive impression.

Shout out to new fellowship coordinator, Natacha Morton! I appreciate your positive attitude! Thank you for always offering to help and look forward to working with you!