Tyler Woodard, MD

Tyler Woodard, MD

Clinical Fellow, Gynecologic Oncology


Undergrad: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Med school: The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine
Residency: New York University
How are you listed in PubMed?: Tyler J Woodard


Hometown: Zebulon, NC
What are your hobbies? Singing, Traveling, Tennis, and Game-nights
Family info: #3 of 6 children
What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I enjoy matchmaking for friends

Awards & Honors: Chief Resident of Wellness, Excellence in Laparoscopy, Felix Rutledge Fellowship in Gynecologic Oncology, The Dr. and Mrs. Albert Hand Scholarship, Ed Reed Scholarship, Tennessee Scholars Fund, The Hyde Family Foundation Medical School Scholarship, Bluff City Medical Society Scholarship Award, Bluff City Medical and Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Award of Excellence


Why did you choose Washington University School of Medicine for your fellowship?
The patient demographic, Integrity and reputation of the training program, warmth and camaraderie of the team, and proximity to love ones down in Memphis, TN.

What impact do you hope to make on the Fellowship?
I hope to add to the already present emphasis on diversity and how it makes appreciable differences in patient care. I hope to help streamline ways for pregnant Missourians to obtain HVP vaccinations postpartum. I hope to contribute to our understanding of ovarian cancer—helping find better treatment options for patients.

How will your fellowship training help you make a difference?
This training will give me the mentorship and platform to help launch a successful career as a Gyn Oncologist. It will equip me with the tools to provide comprehensive care for sick women with gyn related malignancies. My fellowship training will also place me in the company of other brilliant minds. As the adage goes, “iron sharpens iron.”  Being at Wash U gives me the opportunity to be surrounded by counsel that will ultimately broaden my knowledge base, improve my clinical skills, and further deepen my inquisitiveness. These outcomes will directly translate to improved patient care.

What are your career goals? Provide comprehensive Gyn Oncologic care to underserved populations. Design a framework for cancer care delivery in rural/underserved areas.

Life in STL

What do you love about St. Louis so far?
My first weekend here, I visited the Grove District and fell in love with everyone’s friendliness. I also love how everything is 15 minutes away! I recently moved from Manhattan—it would frequently take me 30-60 mins to travel 3 miles. There’s so much green space! ???? I am a budding plant enthusiast [pun intended]. I can’t wait to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden

What is one thing people should know about St. Louis/Washington University?
People should know how beautiful it is. From the historic architecture—to the parks—to the faces of patients in the hospital, Washington University and St. Louis at large is an awe-inspiring masterpiece.