Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy: Residency Curriculum

Established in June 2021, our resident-run curriculum encompasses 9 events throughout the year, each focusing on different topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and advocacy.

The first session took place in June and focused on raising awareness of historical racism in medicine, assess biases in the portrayal of history, and story-tell/share the resident’s personal experiences of racism in medicine after doing a review of Episode 4 of the 1619 podcast.

“Holding diversity, equity, inclusion, and advocacy events makes us all more well-rounded, competent providers for our patients. It puts us one step closer to understanding the disparities and struggles they face on a daily basis. As a black female provider, it has been a privilege to work alongside colleagues who are just as passionate about these topics as I am. The future of OBGYN is bright!”

Halley Staples, MD Resident

Tour of St. Louis with Drs. Ross and Purnell 

The Washington University Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will be taking us on a virtual tour of St. Louis so we as healthcare providers can get to know not only more about the city that we live in, but also the patients that we serve. 

What to expect: the history of politics and a virtual tour of the neighborhoods/historic sites of St. Louis

With these discussions, we hope to learn about St. Louis’s history so we can best serve our patients. Dr. Ross and Dr. Purnell have made great strides in the field of diversity and inclusion, and it is truly a privilege to have their time.

DEIA Committee Black History Month 101 for 2022

Every week of February, the committee led an internal email newsletter highlighting prominent, historic Black female figures, issues relating to OBGYN, along with local Black History Month events and STL spotlights on Black-owned businesses.

  • Week 1: Activist Marsha P (“pay it no mind”) Johnson and transgender care in OBGYN 
  • Week 2: Civil rights leader and community organizer Fannie Lou Hamer and history of unwanted sterilization in OBGYN
  • Week 3: The Lacks Family – the powerful story of Henrietta and Deborah (her daughter), her HeLa cells, and the importance of ethics and consent in medical research
  • Week 4: Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler and Dr. Helen Octavia Dickens who were trailblazers for people of color and women in medicine while highlighting the importance of increasing representation and diversity among physicians

Resources from past events & meetings