OBGYN launches subcommittee to improve gender diverse care

The IDEA2 subcommittee is a diverse group of people tasked with improving the quality of care provided to transgender and gender expansive patients.  As part of this initiative, the team has begun to roll out a patient survey assessment which will inform future QI/QA interventions.  

Patient surveys will be offered in two places: one of the department’s clinical spaces and the perioperative experience with gender affirming hysterectomy.  Patients or family members are encouraged to complete the survey which focuses mainly on the experience of gender diverse patients and their families, but anyone is welcome to participate. The survey is available through QR codes or a dot phrase that can be used in the AVS for clinic patients OR periop/postop patients.  After the initial phase of this QI initiative is complete, the subcommittee has plans to roll this out to additional clinic locations.

As a kickoff to the subcommittee launch, the team passed out pronoun pins to staff, patients and families. These pins have an attached tag with a QR code linking to the clinical survey.

In the near future, the subcommittee will be holding training sessions for staff on improving gender diverse knowledge and care.  To gauge response to these training sessions, pre and post-training questionnaires will be administered to ensure these sessions are meaningful. 

Request DEI pins/lanyards through Washington University

Adding pronouns to Office365/Outlook:

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