Division of Clinical Research (DCR)

Chief: Ebony B. Carter, MD, MPH

The Division of Clinical Research (DCR) at Washington University School of Medicine provides specialized facilities and services to support clinical research in women’s reproductive health. Together with the Center for Reproductive Health Sciences (CRepHS), the clinical research division supports the ob/gyn department’s overall research enterprise.

Clinical research in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has grown exponentially over the past 10 years. The department is currently ranked among the top in NIH research funding among ob/gyn departments and holds substantial foundation grants.

The goal of the DCR is to build on this record of excellence while further expanding the success and impact of our clinical research. We aim to accomplish this by providing support to established investigators while grooming new investigators to independence.

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Our mission

The Division of Clinical Research serves as the hub for clinical and translational research within the department by:

  • Providing shared research infrastructure
  • Coordinating and improving efficiency of clinical research activities
  • Enhancing existing clinical research training and education
  • Fostering cross-collaboration with basic science and public health research

Shared research infrastructure and services

The DCR provides comprehensive services to support clinical investigators. Our excellent support team – which includes research assistants, nurse coordinators, data managers, epidemiologists, a statistician and project coordinators – can assist with multiple phases of study planning, as well as data management and analysis.

We also provide a dedicated clinical research facility that has patient exam rooms, a processing lab, workstations and secure storage. Obstetric exam rooms are also available in the Maternity Building for the purpose of seeing patients for clinical research studies.

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Department-wide resources for researchers

In addition to the facilities and services provided by the DCR, resources available to investigators in the ob/gyn department include:

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Efficiency of clinical research activities

The DCR coordinates and improves efficiency of clinical research activities by providing:

  • Centralized data management support
  • Centralized IRB and regulatory support
  • Coordination of multicenter studies: database, randomization, interim analysis, DSMB reports
  • Scientific review of grant applications

Clinical research training and education

Clinical research learning opportunities in the ob/gyn department include a variety of research seminars and a training program in clinical and reproductive epidemiology. Our division supports education and training at every level of medicine.

Our faculty

Many clinicians in our department are actively engaged in clinical research.
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Associate Professor, Ob/Gyn
Chief, Division of Clinical Research

Divisions: Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Clinical Research

Associate Professor, Ob/Gyn

Division: Family Planning

Assistant Professor, Ob/Gyn
Associate Fellowship Director, Gynecologic Oncology

Division: Gynecologic Oncology

WashU Profile

Chief, Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery
Associate Professor, Ob/Gyn

Division: Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery

Chief, Family Planning
Associate Professor, Ob/Gyn
Fellowship Director, Family Planning

Division: Family Planning

Vice Chair, Gynecology
Ira C. and Judith Gall Professor, Ob/Gyn

Professor, Ob/Gyn
Director of Gynecological Oncology Clinical Research

Division: Gynecologic Oncology

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Primary), Electrical & Systems Engineering (Secondary), Radiology (Jointed), and Biomedical Engineering (Affiliated)

Division: Clinical Research

Instructor, Ob/Gyn

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Clinical research managers

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jaime Strickland, MA

Gynecologic Oncology
Stephanie Russell, MPH

Data team

Research Statistician
Fan Zhang, MD,MS

Investigator resources

Scientific Editor
Deborah Frank
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