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Patients come to us for the most advanced testing and trusted diagnoses available for prenatal and gynecologic screenings.

We provide world-class diagnostic screenings and evaluations for patients who are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or experiencing pelvic/abdominal pain or related complications. Our team of specialists in maternal-fetal medicine, clinical genetics and ob/gyn sonography have the advanced technologies and knowledge to provide our patients precise screening and expert evaluations.

Ultrasound and genetics care team
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Gynecologic (non-pregnancy) screenings

Patients experiencing pelvic or abdominal pain, heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding, or other pelvic and abdominal abnormalities may be referred to our ultrasound specialists for evaluation and diagnosis of gynecologic conditions.

Our physician network also includes genetic counselors who provide personal cancer risk assessments. If you would like a Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment, please contact our specialists in gynecologic oncology.

Screenings during your pregnancy

If you are pregnant, your obstetrician will help you personalize a screening plan based on your health and medical history. Our team is equipped to provide the full spectrum of imaging, genetic, and diagnostic testing, including 3-D ultrasounds and an in-house cytogenetics lab. The choice to pursue these tests is personal and one that your care team will help you make.

Typically, after the initial ultrasound, additional ultrasounds and tests will be ordered only if recommended for the specifics of your pregnancy, such as to evaluate twins or smaller or greater growth than expected.

Our physicians work closely and collaboratively with the newborn specialists at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. If a fetal anomaly is discovered during your pregnancy, we will discuss prenatal pediatric options to prepare you and your care team for immediate action when the time comes. We carefully coordinate our prenatal, labor and delivery care to achieve the best possible outcome.

Pre-pregnancy screenings

If you’re planning a pregnancy, our specialists can provide you preconception genetic counseling. This is particularly recommended if you’re at risk of a complex pregnancy, which you and your doctor may determine based on your age or family medical history.

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