We are thrilled to highlight our division’s abstract acceptances and other recent highlights from members of the Gynecologic Oncology division. #SGOMtg

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2023 SGO committee appointments 

  • Annual Meeting Program and Steering Committee – Hagemann 
  • Wellness Committee – Hagemann
  • Communications Committee – Hagemann
  • Co-chair of the Program Committee – Khabele
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity Committee – Kuroki 
  • Clinical Practice Committee – McCourt (ACOG Liaison) 
  • Publications Committee – Mullen 
  • Chair emeritus of the FWC; FWC Board member; Past President of SGO – Mutch
  • SGO 2024 annual meeting program chair; SGO Bridges Mentor 2023-2024; SGO/FWC Strategic planning task force 2023 – Powell
Poster Presentations

2023 SGO accepted abstracts

  1. Johns E, Kuroki L, Hagemann A. Connecting the Clinic to the Community: Identifying food and transportation needs and barriers to accessing social services in gynecologic oncology clinics. Accepted: Poster  
  2. Kuroki L, Cohen A, Compadre A, Liu J, Cooksey K, Hagemann A, Khabele D, Thaker P, Massad LS, Mullen M, McCourt C, Mutch D, Powell M, and Politi M. Frequency and content of cost conversations about gynecologic cancer care. Accepted: Poster  
  3. McKinnish TR, Schwarz JK, Markovina S, Zhang J, Inkman M, Kuroki L, Massad LS, Mutch DG, Powell MA, Thaker PH, McCourt C, Khabele D, Mullen MM, and Mazul A. Geospatial distribution of HPV genotypes in the catchment area of a large academic medical center is not associated with area deprivation. Accepted: Poster 
  4. Lillian N. van Biljon, Bisiayo E. Fashemi, Amanda Compadre, Olivia Graham, Jeimmy Rodriguez, Elena Lomonosova, Barbara Blachut, Lindsay Kuroki, Carolyn McCourt, Andrea Hagemann, Premal Thaker, L. Stewart Massad, Matthew A. Powell, David Mutch, Katherine Fuh, Dineo Khabele, Mary Mullen. RAD51 foci in patient-derived ovarian cancer organoids are associated with response to carboplatin and olaparib.
  5. Compadre A, Valentine M, Llop-Guevara A, Van Bijon L, Lomonosova E, Graham E, Herencia-Ropero A, Cooper I, Kuroki L, McCourt C, Hagemann A, Thaker P, Massad L, Mutch D, Powell M, Sun L, Mosammaparast N, Serra V, Khabele D, Fuh K, Mullen M. RAD51 foci are more predictive of platinum chemotherapy response than genomic homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) scores in pre-treatment high-grade serous ovarian cancer samples. Accepted: Poster  
  6. E.C. Stock, C. Walsh-Bailey, D. Tuda, R.G. Tabak, AA Baumann Walker, A.R. Hagemann A mixed methods analysis of patient- and provider-perceived barriers and facilitators to cascade genetic testing for hereditary breast, ovarian, endometrial and colorectal cancer. Accepted: Poster  
  7. Mullen M, Grither W, McCourt C, Hagemann A, Thaker P, Mutch D, Powell M, Khabele D, Massad S, Kuroki L. Antibiotic prophylaxis does not decrease wound complications after vulvar excision of premalignant lesions: A pilot double-blind randomized controlled trial. Accepted: Poster 
  8. Cohen A, Govert S, Fuh K, Markovina S. Relative radiosensitivities and optimization of an in vitro adjuvant chemotherapy assay in commonly employed endometrial cancer cell line models