The Rothman Research Symposium is a day where our residents, fellows, and basic science trainees present their OBGYN related research projects. These presentations are evaluated by a distinguished panel of our own select faculty and guest speaker.

Past research project winners and event programs

Year & ProgramPresentation Winners/Title
2023 program »
Kati Turner, MD (Resident)
Two-year follow-up on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on outcomes in gynecologic oncology patients

Amanda Compadre, MD (GynOnc Fellow)
RAD51 foci as a biomarker predictive of platinum chemotherapy response in ovarian cancer

Patty Strutz, MD (Anesthesiology Resident)
Low-amplitude daily melatonin rhythms during pregnancy are associated with fetal growth restriction
2022 program »
Kathy Bligard, MD, MPH (MFM Fellow)
Is fetal acidemia at the time od scheduled cesarean associated with neonatal morbidity?

Bridget Huysman, MD, MPH (Resident)
Making the diagnosis of NRFS: Potential of implicit bias

Kevin Prifti (Basic Science Award)
Diet-induced obesity impairs uterine contractility in mice

Favour Akinjiyan (Basic Science Award)
Regulation of periostin by DDR2 in cancer-associated fibroblasts controls tumor invasion and metastasis in ovarian cancer
2021 program »
Caitlin Martin, MD, MS (REI Fellow)
Development of a Clinically Feasible Assay to Predict Fertilization in Normospermic Infertile Men Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization

Lauren Kus, MD (Resident)
Recent Contraceptive Use & Pregnancy Intention Among Pregnant Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Whitney Grither, MD, PhD (Resident)
Role of ROR2 as a Mediator of Ovarian Cancer Metastasis
2019 program »
Stephanie Blankenship, MD, MPH
Antenatal Corticosteroids in Preterm Growth-Restricted Infants: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Erin Bailey, MD 
Mild neonatal acidemia is associated with neonatal morbidity at term

Antonino Frolova, MD, PhD ( MFM Fellow)
Diet induced obesity alters baseline and oxytocin-stimulated uterine contractility in mice
2018 program »
Katherine H. Bligard, MD (Resident)
Performance of cervical length screening in African American women.

Rachel Zigler, MD (Complex Family Planning Fellow)
Intervention to end recurrent unscheduled bleeding
2017 program »
Jake Hirshberg, MD (MFM Fellow)
What is the threshold of maternal leukocytosis in labor associated with maternal or neonatal morbidity?

Maggie Mullen, MD (Gyn Onc Fellow)
The effect of a multidisciplinary palliative care initiative on end of life care in gynecologic oncology patients.
2016 program »
Morgan Wolfe, MD (Resident)
Preoperative Factors That Predict The Need To Morcellate During Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy