Team-Based Obstetric Care

From left, Yvette Van Hook, WHNP-BC; Tammy Sonn, MD; Shelby Dickinson, MD; Eric Strand, MD, Director; Camaryn Chrisman Robbins MD, MPH; Denise Willers, MD; Holly Steiner, MD; Stacy Selbart, WHNP-BC

During both your pregnancy and delivery, we take a team-based approach to obstetric care:

  • During the months of prenatal care, you’ll meet and get to know each doctor. Appointments can be made at any of our locations in the St. Louis region.
  • One physician is always in the hospital attending to patients in labor, so prenatal appointments are free to proceed as scheduled.
  • All of our obstetricians are also general gynecologists, allowing you to choose a physician to continue your care seamlessly after pregnancy.

This approach ensures that you’ll know the physician delivering your baby, while also protecting your prenatal appointments from being rescheduled because another patient goes into labor.

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