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Summertime scientific successes for Santi Lab

The lab of Celia Santi, MD, PhD, has been busy this summer with scientific discussions and networking opportunities! Dr. Santi presented her lab’s work on non-hormonal contraception during the “Male Contraceptive” session at the Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) 56th Annual Meeting. The “Reproductive Sciences: From Innovation to Impact” SSR meeting took place in Ottawa, Canada, July 11-14.

Then, July 23-28, Dr. Santi chaired the Fertilization and Activation of Development Gordon Research Conference (GRC) in New Hampshire. The diverse group of multi-disciplinary attendees of all career stages totaled nearly 200 (a record!). Presentations and discussions at this GRC focused on cutting-edge and unpublished research on the interactions of the male and female gametes and the events of early embryonic development. They also discussed how knowledge of the basic molecular cell biology and physiology underlying fertilization processes will help address two important clinical needs: human fertility and contraception.

The GRC was held in conjunction with the “Fertilization and Activation of Development” Gordon Research Seminar (GRS). Congratulations to Dr. Santi’s success as chair of the 2023 GRC. Additional congratulations go out to the following Santi Lab postdoctoral researchers: Juan Ferreira, PhD, for being selected to give an oral presentation at the 2023 GRS, and Shweta Bhagwat, PhD, for being appointed co-chair of the 2025 GRS.