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WashU OBGYN celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month and National Latino Day

Dr. Elise Bardawil, Dr. Patricia Jimenez, Dr. Aileen Portugal, Dr. Whitney Ross
Dr. Angelica de Freitas, Dr. Elise Bardawil, Dr Aileen Portugal

Almost 20% of the US population is Latino. With this growing number, the population is on track for 1 in 3 people to be Latino by the year 2050.

Despite this increase, Hispanic doctors make up only 6% total of the physician population.

“Increasing the total number of Latino physicians in medicine is imperative for our
communities to thrive, and for the United States healthcare system to truly represent
the community it serves” – National Latino Physician Day

We are proud to highlight and support our physicians

Hispanic doctors make up only 6% total… and from that 6%, only some of us are OBGYNs. I’m happy to share these pictures and bring attention to how rare these moments are…. which is why they are extremely special to me.

Dr. Aileen Portugal, REI Fellow