DEIA Committee Book Club

Join the DEIA Committee for book Club! They will be reading “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” – When: Sunday, May 26th, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Where: The Drip Coffee Shop @ STL Public Library

DEIA Committee celebrates Women’s History Month

Women’s HERstory Month started in 1980 when a consortium of women’s groups and historians (National Women’s History Project, now National Women’s History Alliance, advocated for a week long celebration, which President Jimmy Carter issued a Presidential Proclamation for. It wasn’t until 1987 that Congress passed Public Law 100-9, officially designating March as “Women’s History Month”. […]

DEIA Committee Celebrates Black History Month

The following information was curated by: Dr. Halley Staples (bio), DEIA Committee. Alexa Irene Canady, MD (1950 – present)  Alexa Irene Canady was born in Michigan in 1950, where she ultimately attended University of Michigan and received a B.S. in zoology. Prior to her graduation, Canady nearly dropped out due to lack of self-confidence, however, […]

DEIA Committee Celebrates L.A.B. Days

The following information was curated by: Dr. Bridget Huysman (bio), DEIA Committee. From February 28 to March 1 we recognize the Betsey, Lucy, and Anarcha Days of Recognition.  Lucy, Anarcha, and Betsey were three enslaved women who underwent multiple experimental surgical procedures without anesthesia under the care of James Marion Sims.  Take a moment during these […]

Celebrating some of The First Black Women Surgeons

The following information was curated by: Dr. Rachel Furuya (bio), DEIA Committee The DEIA committee is proud to present our third annual Black History Month programming, which will feature two of the first Black female surgeon pioneers of their time. Patricia E. Bath, MD (1942-2019) Dr. Patricia Bath was an ophthalmologist, research scientist, and advocate […]

DEIA Committee hosts Dr. Chemen Neal on “Health Equity Solutions: Cultivating and Leveraging Diversity”

On Wednesday, 11/8/23, the Washington University in St. Louis Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology had the privilege of learning from Dr. Chemen Neal, who is both an Associate Professor of Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology and Executive Associate Dean for Equity & Inclusion, and Chief Diversity Officer at Indiana University School of Medicine.  The 2-hour session included […]

WashU OBGYN celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month and National Latino Day

Almost 20% of the US population is Latino. With this growing number, the population is on track for 1 in 3 people to be Latino by the year 2050. Despite this increase, Hispanic doctors make up only 6% total of the physician population. “Increasing the total number of Latino physicians in medicine is imperative for […]

Residency DEIA Committee Hosts Live Broadcast

Last night, residents, students, and attendings gathered to view Michelle Alexander speak in regard to her book, The New Jim Crow, and race in America today. Delicious Ethiopian food catered by Meskerem was enjoyed! When asked about what keeps her hopeful, Alexander admitted that it’s hard to always be hopeful. But she has witnessed small […]

Celebrate Black History Month

“It must be acknowledged that these advancements were made through the exploitation of enslaved women’s bodies…” Dr. Marion Sims, historically known as the Father of Gynecology, had surgical instruments named after him and monuments erected after he developed gynecologic surgical techniques, specifically vesicovaginal fistula repair. However, his surgical techniques and instruments were developed on the […]

Period Poverty Donation Collection

This Feb/Mar MO American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is focusing on period poverty. Period poverty refers to the inability to afford period products (pads/tampons/cups). About 40% of US people with uteruses struggle with period poverty, causing about 1/3 of low-income people with uteruses to miss work or school due to the lack of access to […]

Black History Month – Dr. Venable | DEIA Committee

**TLDR: Dr. Howard P Venable, the first Black physician faculty member at WASHU, was an accomplished ophthalmologist, who had his land in Creve Couer taken away from him and his family by the mayor in 1959 ​under the basis of racial segregation and eminent domain. It wasn’t until 2021 that the land was rededicated and […]

Black History Month – Delmar Divide | DEIA COMMITTEE

**TLDR: Just blocks away from Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the “Delmar Divide” calls to attention the stark racial makeup and socioeconomic inequity that exits immediately north and south of Delmar Boulevard. Aiming to address the striking disparities in St. Louis, the “Delmar Divine” is a shared space for collaboration and innovation among many nonprofits and social service organizations in St. […]

“City of Joy” for Diversity Movie Night

The Resident DEIA committee hosted the department for viewing “City of Joy,” directed by Madeleine Gavin. The film, “follows the first class of students at a remarkable leadership center in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a region often referred to as “the worst place in the world to be a woman.” These women have been through unspeakable violence spurred on by a […]

Resident DeiA Committee Presents Diversity Book Club

We discussed the New York Times regarding the Relf sisters (characters in the book) and the history of sterilization within the United States.  We believe these articles are something that can help us be closer to our St. Louis community.  We are ecstatic to bring more education to our Ob/Gyn Department to make us stronger […]

Resident Wellness – Pure Barre

A big thanks to the “Feurstein Wellness grant” for sponsoring our October event! Attendance was opened to the first 21 residents (of all different specialties!) to sign up for a private 1-hour barre class followed by 1-hour of social time with snacks provided. “It was a wonderful time!” – Dr. Erika Mauban, PGY-3 resident.

Refugee Experience in St. Louis with local refugees and Dr. Christopher Prater

The DEIA committee hosted a supper club event with Dr. Prater and some local refugees to discuss the refugee experience in St. Louis. The event was catered by the Welcome Neighbor STL Supper Club. All proceeds from the event went to refugees preparing the meal at “Welcome Neighbor STL Supper Club” Thank you to everyone […]

DEIA Committee hosted “CWE Gay Liberation Walking Tour”

Last week, our DEIA Committee hosted a #SeeSTL Gay Liberation in the Gateway City walking tours at the @mohistorymuseum. Are you interested in learning about how the CWE was a hub of LGBTQIA+ community life and political activism? Join one of the museum’s next public tours! Check out the museum’s website here for all of the events and […]

New DEIA curriculum at ACOG/CREOG Advocacy Conference

Resident Dr. Halley Staples presented the new DEIA curriculum at ACOG/CREOG Advocacy Conference entitled “For Residents, By Residents: A Structured Diversity, Equity, Advocacy, and Inclusion Curriculum.“ #obgynlife #obgynresidentlife #obgyn #obgynresidency #obgyndoctor #obstetricsandgynecology #obstetrics #obstetrician #gynecologist #gynecology #residentlife #residency #residencylife @acog_org #creog2022

DEIA: Let’s Talk About Roe

Considering the recently leaked Politico/Supreme Court article foreshadowing the repeal of Roe v Wade, participants had an open discussion about the current state of abortion in the United States. Other pre-work included The Daily Podcast on “The Anti-Abortion Activists” and the recent CREOGs Over Coffee about current abortion rights. In light of recent events, we […]

Advocacy Podcast Review

Considering the recently leaked Politico/Supreme Court article foreshadowing the repeal of Roe, participants had an open discussion about the current state of reproductive rights in the United States. Other pre-work included the recent CREOGs Over Coffee about current reproductive rights. 

Tour of St. Louis with Drs. Ross and Purnell 

The Washington University Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion took us on a virtual tour of St. Louis so we as healthcare providers could get to know not only more about the city that we live in, but also the patients that we serve.  What we learned: the history of politics in health care and […]

DEIA Committee Black History Month 101 – Week 4

We are celebrating week 4 of Black History Month by sharing the story of two historic figures – Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler and Dr. Helen Octavia Dickens, who were trailblazers for women of color in medicine as the “first” of many.

Black History Month, Week 3: Henrietta Lacks

TLDR – Honoring Henrietta Lacks, whose story highlights the long history of the dehumanization of Black women in the scientific community and underscores the importance of informed consent. Support local, black-owned businesses  La Patisserie Chouquette and Creole Meet Soul.  We are celebrating week 3 of Black History Month by sharing the story of our third historic figure:  Henrietta Lacks – whose cervical cancer cells were the source of the HeLa cell line, which enabled significant scientific advances.  […]

Black History Month, Week 2: Fannie Lou Hamer

TLDR – Remembering Fannie Lou Hamer, one of the many victims of unwanted sterilization; join us for “For the Love Abortion Acess” fundraiser this Sunday 2/13.  We are celebrating week 2 of Black History Month by sharing the story of our second historic figure: Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977) – a powerful leader in the civil and voting movements, whose story is a stark reminder of the racist history of […]

DEIA Committee Black History Month 101 – Week 1

Given February is upon us, we wanted to take a moment each week over the course of the month to commemorate Black History Month. Each week we will be highlighting a prominent Black female figure and resources for you to learn more, along with spotlighting a local STL Black owned business for you to check out! This week we would like to spotlight Marsha P […]

Black History Month – Week 1: Marsha P Johnson and transgender care in OBGYN

This week we would like to spotlight Marsha P (“pay it no mind”) Johnson and transgender care in OBGYN.  **TLDR: Marsha P Johnson was a prominent advocate and Black transgender woman,  check out the article and documentary below. See attached for info on transgender health disparities and guidelines for care in the PERIOPERATIVE setting. Stop on Cherokee Street […]

The Color of Medicine Documentary/Movie Night

This past week our Resident DEIA Committee hosted it’s 4th event this year, with a viewing of the documentary, The Color of Medicine. The film covers the rise of Homer G Philips Hospital, a premier over 700 bed hospital in St. Louis, that from 1937 to 1979 cared for the Black community and trained the largest number of Black physicians and nurses. It was tragically closed in 1979 […]

“Bad Blood” Podcast Review

Residents came together to review Episode 4 of the 1619 podcast and reflected on how the history of medicine in the United States paralleled with the St. Louis community and their patients.