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Period Poverty Donation Collection

This Feb/Mar MO American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is focusing on period poverty. Period poverty refers to the inability to afford period products (pads/tampons/cups).

About 40% of US people with uteruses struggle with period poverty, causing about 1/3 of low-income people with uteruses to miss work or school due to the lack of access to sanitary products. In MO the problem is exacerbated by taxation. MO is one of 26 states that tax period supplies, making them even more expensive for those who need them! Many of the patients that we take care of at Barnes-Jewish struggle with this issue, so MO ACOG would like to make a local difference. We will be collecting supplies and/or donations for local organizations addressing period poverty and getting sanitary products to the people who need them.

Please stop by the donation bins located in COH3/COH7/COH9/5900 and drop off period supplies, or use the QR code on the posters around the hospital to make donations to the cause.

All supplies will be donated the week of March 13, so please donate before then!! Please contact Sarah Combs ( with any questions.