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The Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Ultrasound and the Division of Newborn Medicine have established an outreach service whose goal is to provide superior medical diagnosis and management while optimizing efficiency and communication with providers. Our “one-stop shop” concept includes a dedicated Perinatal Outreach Coordinator who will:

  • Coordinate the multi-specialty appointments for patients
  • Assist patients and their families in navigating through our facility, and
  • Communicate our recommendations directly to referring physicians’ offices in a timely manner.

Services available include:

  1. Maternal Fetal Medicine
    • Preconception and prenatal consultation and/or management of high-risk patients.
    • Coordination of care with any subspecialty group that may be indicated in the care of the patient and her unborn child. A multidisciplinary care team approach optimizes patient care.
  1. Ultrasound/Genetics
    • Comprehensive evaluation of fetal anatomy using ultrasound and other state-of-the-art imaging tools.
    • Prenatal testing for patients at risk for genetically linked disorders, performed within the ultrasound genetics lab by sub-specialists in medical genetics and prenatal diagnosis. A meeting with a genetic counselor is performed prior to testing, to assure understanding of the benefits, risks and limitations of any procedure.
  1. Neonatal Services
    • Comprehensive Newborn Medicine consultation that includes anticipated delivery room management and newborn care.
    • Cardiology – diagnostic procedures such as in-utero fetal cardiac echo and consultation for anticipated surgical management and outcome.
    • Radiology – in-utero MRI for suspected fetal anomalies.
    • Pediatric Surgery – fetal conditions likely to require surgery after delivery, including diaphragmatic hernia, abdominal wall defects, thoracic and abdominal masses, and possible GI tract obstruction.
    • Neurosurgery – evaluation of fetuses with suspected CNS anomalies
    • Craniofacial deformities – suspected cleft lip and palate deformities, and includes a visit to the Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic before delivery.
    • Orthopedics – skeletal deformities.
    • Urology – pre-delivery evaluation of hydronephrosis and other renal and urinary tract defects.

      4.     Fetal Care Center

    • True program coordiation, with immediate access to our specialists.
    • Patients are scheduled in as little as 48 hours and immediately connected to a nurse coordinator who will take special care of patients.
    • The nurse coordinator serves as a personal resource for the patient and the referring physician to schedule consultations, coordinate patient records and facilitate communication.
    • Working with referring physicians, espectant mothers have access to the most comprehensive group of specialists- maternal fetal medicine specialists for mom, and neonatologists and a comprehensive team of pediatric subspecialists for baby.
    • Phusician-to-phusician communications include detailed follow-up reports that review the patient's entire day of testing and recommendations.

Methods of transfer:

Emergent Maternal-Fetal in-house transfers: To emergently transfer patients please call: 
St. Louis Children’s Hospital Transport Team:         1-800-678-HELP (4357)

Please ask to speak with the Maternal Fetal Medicine attending on call to arrange immediate transfer of patient through our maternal transport service.

Emergent newborn/pediatric transfers: For emergency referral of newborns or children please call:
St. Louis Children’s Hospital Transport Team:         1-800-678-HELP (4357)
For phone consultation regarding newborns:            1-800-678-HELP (4357) 

Fetal Care Center: For 24- hour access and patient referral (800) 678-HELP(4357)

Please visit FetalCare.org for more information.