Dr. Peipert is the Principal Investigator in these studies currently enrolling pateints:

A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Phase II Study of Multiple, Intravaginally Administered, Dosing Regimens of 851B Gel for the Treatment of Cervical High Risk HPV Infection.

Purpose: To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of multiple applications of 851B gel as  compared to placebo gel to assess the clearance of the HPV infection and abnormal cells of the cervix.   

Patient Selection: Women, who are 18-40 years old, are of childbearing potential, has a Pap test interpretation of either LSIL or ASC-US, able to give informed consent, and willing to comply with protocol follow-up for 26 months.

The Contraceptive CHOICE Project

Purpose:  To remove the financial barriers to obtaining contraception, including the most effective (and expensive) methods.  We will study satisfaction and continuation rates, as well as reasoning behind discontinuation.

Patient Selection:  Women, ages 14-45, who are about to initiate contraception of any kind and are willing to be followed for three years.

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