Meet the Team

Chris Higginbotham

Chris Higginbotham (she/her) is a Financial Analyst for the Business Office. She has been with the department for 2 years. We are so happy to have someone like her greeting everyone on COH 10!

[Most people don’t know] I got married in Heidelberg, Germany, and I have my motorcycle certification!

Chris Higginbotham

What do you do outside of work? family? hobbies? 

I enjoy walking with my neighbors and lately outside of work I have been visiting my daughter who moved from Arkansas to Chicago.

 What is your favorite part about your job?

I love the relationships I’ve formed in the department and working for Emily Irvine.

Name some things you’d take to a deserted island.

I would take my husband Rick, my daughter Kruz, and that means I would also have to bring her cat Bunny.

What is the best advice you’ve received and who was it from?

Not sure who this was from but I firmly believe “Nobody rides for free.”