We are extremely proud of our faculty, fellows and residents who are virtually presenting this week at the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM) Virtual Meeting. We’ll miss seeing everyone, but we are looking forward to next year!

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Oral Presentations
Primary Author (Last, First)Co-AuthorsProject Title
Oral Concurrent Session 1 – Basic Science – 2/3 1:15-3:45
 Semerci-GunayOdibo Enhanced Placental Angiopoietin-like Protein 2 Levels in Fetal Growth Restriction 
Oral Concurrent Session 2 – Clinical Obstetrics – 2/3 1:15-3:45
TemmingVaginal cleansing before cesarean delivery in labor to reduce infection: a randomized trial 
Wang, Xiao-YuZhao, Frolova, Odibo, Carter, Kelly, EnglandDiet Quality in Pregnancy and the Risk of Fetal Growth Restriction
Bligard, KatherineMcCallum, Cameo, Rubin, Rimsza, CahillIs fetal acidemia at time of prelabor cesarean associated with neonatal morbidity?
Oral Concurrent Session 8 – Hypertension/Medical/Surgical – 2/5 8:00-10:30
Oakes, MeganLindley, Stout, Carter, HenselDeciphering chronic hypertension from preeclampsia: Utility of NT-proBNP in obstetric triage
Oral Concurrent  Session 9 – Labor – 2/5 8:00-10:30 
GregoryCahill, Woolfolk, Tuuli Impact  of Pushing  Timing  on  Occult  Injury  of Levator Ani:  a  Multicenter  Randomized  Controlled  Trial
Hirshberg, JakeCarter, Odibo, RaghuramanTo check or not to check: are intrapartum cervical exams associated with maternal fever?
Beermann, ShannonWatkins, Frolova, RaghuramanElectronic fetal monitoring changes in the setting of maternal anemia
Poster Presentations
Poster Session I – 2/3 10:30-12:00
El Helou, NicoleRaghuraman, Stout, Odibo, williams, Turnbull , OkuaguMyHeart survey- patient perception of health
OdiboPrediction of small for gestational age neonates by combining maternal risk factors with biophysical makers
Watkins, VirginiaZhao, Frolova, Carter, Kelly, Odibo, EnglandHow does physical activity change during pregnancy?
Kernberg, AnnessaBell, RaghuramanA survey of high-risk obstetric patients’ attitudes towards the COVID19 vaccine
Kernberg, AnnessaForaker, Carter, Kelly, OdiboThe effect of COVID19 on Influenza treatment
Bligard, KatherineXu, Raghuraman, Dicke, OdiboSignificance of intermittent absent-end-diastolic flow in the umbilical artery in predicting neonatal morbidity
Brady, MatthewPaul, Frolova, Kelly, RaghuramanClinical characteristics associated with need for intrapartum insulin infusion
SaucedoIntrapartum Risk Factors for POP
Poster Session II – 2/3 3:45-5:15
Hensel, DrewZhangSeverity of fetal tachycardia and neonatal outcomes
Holroyd, LaurenEl Helou, Raghuraman, Carter, OdiboThe impact of multiple buprenorphine induction attempts on maternal and neonatal outcomes
El Helou, NicoleRaghuraman, Stout, Odibo, Turnbull, Okuagu, WilliamsMyHeart survey- show rate based on perception of health
El Helou, NicoleKelly, Carter, Stout, Odibo, Cook, NiederOutpatient postpartum show rates in a telehealth model
GregoryCahill, Woolfolk, Tuuli Association of lower degree perineal lacerations at delivery and occult injury of levator ani muscles
AbbateRaghuraman, Cahill Infant feeding disparities in Hispanic women compared to non-Hispanic women in the United States
Huysman, BridgetOdibo, Carter, Kelly, Frolova, CahillMaking the diagnosis of non-reassuring fetal status: potential for implicit bias
Watkins, VirginiaZhao, Frolova, Carter, Kelly, Odibo, EnglandThe impact of physical activity during pregnancy on fetal growth
Beermann, ShannonPorcelli, Durkin, Marks, Raghuraman, Carter, OdiboThe impact of active hepatitis C on maternal and neonatal outcomes in an opioid use disorder-specific prenatal clinic
Thayer, SydneyFaramarzi, Krauss, Snider, Kelly, Carter, Frolova, OdiboProvider perceptions of barriers and facilitators of standardized resusictaiton protocol
Bligard, KatherineMcCallum, Cameo, Rubin, Rimsza, Palanisamy, CahillIncreased operative time and hypotension are associated with fetal acidemia in time of scheduled cesarean
Xu, XinyuanBligard, Raghuraman, Dicke, OdiboUmbilical artery Doppler changes in fetal growth restriction with intermittently absent umbilical artery end-diastolic flow
Zhong, LydiaTufts, Mauban, Wang, Hensel, Min, Oakes, Raghuraman, Carter, OdiboDifferences in obstetric complications between Asian and white patients in two tertiary care centers
Poster Session III – 2/4 10:30-12:00
OdiboImpact of higher dose on pharmacokinetics of 17OHPC in obese women
BurwickJava (WashU nephrologist) HELLP syndrome is characterized by a unique pattern of complement protein biomarkers
Brady, MatthewPaul, Frolova, Kelly, RaghuramanNeonatal outcomes associated with insulin infusion during labor
Brady, MatthewPaul, Frolova, Kelly, RaghuramanNeonatal outcomes Associated with high HbA1c prior to delivery
Cantave, MissyPaul, Odibo, Massa, Kelly, RaghuramanAre pregnant sickle cell trait patients more likely to experience anemia and associated complications?
Poster Session IV – 2/4 3:45-5:15
Kernberg, AnnessaRaghuraman, Carter, Odibo, Perez, Russell, HolroydShared decision making: Women undergoing expectant management and prelabor rupture of membranes
Rimsza, RebeccaKelly, Frolova, Odibo, Carter, CahillCervical effacement at time of AROM
Thayer, SydneyFaramarzi, Krauss, Snider, Kelly, Carter, Frolova, OdiboHeterogeneity in the management of Category II FHT
Watkins, VirginiaZhao, Frolova, Carter, Kelly, Odibo, EnglandThe association between physical activity levels during pregnancy and area deprivation index
Porcelli, BreeWang, Raghuraman, Carter, Odibo, MassaChanges in urine drug screen results on a Labor unit over two years
Perez, MartaPaul, Raghuraman, Kelly, CarterCOVID-19 vaccine information sources utilized by pregnancy-capable healthcare workers
SaucedoTuuli, Cahill Are there modifiable first and second stage risk factors for perineal lacerations?
Cantave, MissyPaul, Rampersad, Odibo, Kelly, RaghuramanIs maternal sickle cell rate associated with increased rates of maternal and neonatal morbidity?
Bligard, KatherineMcCallum, Cameo, Rubin, Rimsza, CahillRisk factors for fetal acidemia at time of scheduled cesarean delivery
Hensel, DrewZhangSeverity of Intrapartum Fever and Neonatal Outcomes
Xu, XinyuanThayer, Raghuraman, England, StoutImpact of maternal BMI and gestational weight gain on maternal serum lipid profiles at term
Luncheon Roundtable- 2/4 12:00-1:00
Odibo Fetal Growh Restriction: Which guideline should I follow?