Events / CRepHS Seminar: Special Interest Working Group – Oxytocin

CRepHS Seminar: Special Interest Working Group – Oxytocin

9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
BJCIH Conference Room 10AB, 425 S. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110

Special Interest Working Group – Oxytocin
Washington University in St. Louis

Host/Lab: England

The purpose of this group meeting is to congregate investigators with an interest in oxytocin signaling in order to share resources and identify potential collaborators

9:30 am Sarah England, PhD
Department of Ob/Gyn
9:40 am Arvind Palanisamy, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of  Anesthesiology
“Oxytocin and fetal neurodevelopment”
9:55 am Nathan Kopp
DBBS Pre Doc Trainee
Dougherty Lab
Department of Genetics
“Investigating the role of oxytocin in mouse models of Williams syndrome”
10:10 am Celia Santi, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Ob/Gyn
“Oxytocin inhibits the potassium channel SLO2.1: A novel mechanism of regulating uterine excitability”
10:25 am Manasi Malik
MSTP Student
England Lab
Department of Ob/Gyn
“The effect of genetic variants on oxytocin receptor function”
10:40 am Wrap up and discussion on future direction