Mark Valentine, MD, PhD

Mark Valentine, MD, PhD

Clinical Fellow, Gynecologic Oncology


Undergrad: BYU
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis
Residency: Washington University in St. Louis

PubMed name(s): Mark C Valentine


What are your career goals/interests/fellowship plans?
Currently, I am planning to do a fellowship in gynecologic oncology so that I can treat these cancers and hopefully continue my research in cancer genetics.

What are you looking forward to most by being a fellow at WashU?

Excellent clinical and surgical training with world-class research opportunities

What goals do you hope to accomplish during your fellowship?

Finalize my formal training as a Surgeon-Scientist and lay the groundwork for a career in academic medicine.

What are your research interests?

Application of computational techniques and technologies to understand ovarian cancer


Hometown: Denver, CO
Pronouns: He/Him/His

What do you do outside of work?
When I am not in the lab or the hospital, I enjoy time with my partner and our son, traveling, eating, drinking, spending time outside, oxford commas, and enjoying great music.

Fun fact:
I worked here for a few years before I joined the combined MD PhD program at Wash U. During my PhD, I studied the genetic factors that predispose some babies to develop leukemia at a very early age, often before birth. I also worked on a pluripotent stem cell model of hematopoiesis to test out the genetic factors that I found.