New Podcast Episode: Dr. Matt Shanahan! How Being Open to Failure can Pave the Way to Success

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Our graduating chief resident, Dr. Matt Shanahan, may be retired from the world of elite speed skating, but his career in Fetal Medicine/MFM/Genetics is just getting started. Today he takes a break from his current role as the Gyn Onc Chief Resident to talk with Dr. Molly Greenwade and Dr. Hagemann about his path thus far. And don’t let the title mislead you; we discuss being ok with the possibility of failing and imperfection… kind of tough for all of us Type As, and Dr. Shanahan shares his very powerful perspective. We are going to miss you, Matt! But so proud of you and thankful for the last 4 years with you in our department!

For full context, listeners may want to take a minute before they listen and click on this link: m.youtube.com/watch?v=qQzdAsjWGPg